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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 12, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," another deadly attack on police. >> two bailiffs dead in michigan after an inmate grabbed a weapon and started firing. what we're learning about the two officers killed and the moments before their killer was taken down. >> and more protesters hit the streets demonstrating against police brutality. >> donald trump is calling himself the law and order candidate. hillary clinton is calling for guidelines to help police. how the current climate is impacting the race for the white house. we'll bring you the latest political headlines. >> and then the 19-year-old gymnastics prodigy who is about to become a household name. simone biles hasn't lost a competition in years.
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other gymnast has done before. it is tuesday, july 12th. >> from abc news, this is world news now. >> it's tuesday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. new details from michigan. two bailiffs shot and killed inside a courthouse. >> we learned their names. they were escorting a prisoner into a courtroom when the inmate grabs the deputy's gun and opened fire. both were retired police officers. and they were in their 60s. >> the inmate was 45 years old and the sheriff says he was not handcuffed because he had not previously been violent. we have more. >> reporter: in a tense and dramatic home in a michigan courthouse. >> he's cornered on the second floor. he has a gun with a hostage. >> reporter: an inmate opens fire inside the building. every floor on lock down. >> if you know anybody in the area or building, make sure they stay put and
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>> reporter: our station reporting the suspect took a gun off a deputy in the county courthouse and began firing. >> shots fired. one down. >> reporter: shooting several people, killing two bailiffs and injuring one deputy before authorities took down the gunman. >> shooter is down. shooter is down. >> reporte >> i stand here with a save heart. >> reporter: the governor tweeting horrible news. i'm monitoring the situation closely and my heart breaks for everyone affected. abc news, new york. >> we'll have more on that throughout the day as well as on good morning america. we'll turn how to dallas and the president heading there today. he'll speak at a memorial service for the five police officers killed in last week's shooting rampage. >> it's the 11th visit for him to a town impacted by a
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shooting. the vice president and george bush will speak. the president and the first lady will meet privately with the grieving families. >> and it was another somber night in dallas. more than 1,000 people gathered in front of dallas city hall for a candle light viaj ill. >> the head of the transit police said instead of tearing them apart, the attack has galvanized them. and the chief likened them to superman. three of them will be laid to rest tomorrow. and pouring over 200 hours of body cam video as they try to get to the bottom. the parents of the attacker gave a tearful interview. >> they say he went from an extrovert who to a hermit after his military service. the chief is vowing to make sure
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help. >> we're going to turn over every rock. we're going to follow every lead until i'm satisfied that this was a lone person, and i'm going to make sure there's nobody out there who has something to do with this. >> chief brown is looking over his own shoulder as he investigates. he says he and his family received death threats almost immediately after the attack. >> another round of protests across the country over the deaths of two black men in louisiana and minnesota. >> a sit in at the governor's mansion in georgia last night in atlanta with many saying that they plan to stay the night. sitting comes hour after atlanta police officers arrested other protesters. >> in chicago hundreds of protesters converging for a fifth day in a row. at times the crowd swelled to thousands, a sit in organized by high school students a rally and a march were all held last night. that march clogged traffic
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there were no arrests. donald trump is calling himself the law and order candidate in predicting more violent protests across the country. >> he said we're a divided nation and relations between police and the african american community are worse than people think. we get the latest now. >> reporter: donald trump announcing there's a new sheriff in town. >> i am the law and order candidate. >> reporter: with the country locked in a debate about race and policing, trump arguing he'd be tough but fair. >> but i'm also the candidate of compassion, believe it. >> reporter: trump acknowledging the police shooting deaths in baton rouge and minneapolis, but making it clear he stands with law enforcement. >> it's time for our hostility against our police and against all members of law enforcement to end and end immediately. right now.
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also supporting the police, but in an interview with david, taking it a step further. >> do you think police officers are getting a bad wrap across this country because of the actions of a few? >> absolutely. i think the vast majority of police officers in our country are serving honorably and bravely, and that's why it's important we support their work that we respect their service. and at the same time we put in place guidelines to make sure that every police officer understands what is expected of him or her. >> trump also revealing his search for a running mate is down to four people. recently he's publicly auditioned newt gingrich, chris christie, and mike pence. the latest name to surface, michael flynn, but he raised eyebrows among conservatives telling martha raddatz he supports abortion rights. >> i think women have to choose. >> repor
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abc news, virginia. >> after a bruising primary, bernie sanders is expected to endorse clinton cloit today. sanders is appearing with clinton at a rally in new hampshire. the appearance comes after he worked to draft a more progressive platform including a proposal to break up big banks, a $15 wage and decriminalizing marin. >> and now britain. the prime minister is expected to step down tomorrow. months sooner than the october date he originally said. the new prime minister, the home secretary. she faces the task of guiding britain out of the european union following the brexit vote. >> an investigation into a mishap that took place. the footage was released by the u.s. navy. it shows a frightening moment. the video shows the e
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hawkeye on the approach off the virginia coast as it touches down the landing cable on the flight deck snapped. there you see the plane disappeared and went toward the ocean. but then takes off again. eight sailors were injured when the cord recoiled. the navy is blaming human error. >> the sports, a classic matchup. todd fraser, went up against stanton. not normally a hitter's paradise, this park. >> true. >> stanton made it look like a band box. besting fraser 20-13 in the final round. one of his first round shots was measured at 497 feet. >> big deal. >> major league's baseball all star game is tonight. >> 497 feet. you can hit that, right? >> he almost made it to the bay. >> he apparently hit a total of 61 home.
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>> wow. he's good. >> yeah. he's got some strength behind that bat. coming up in the mix, the record breaking catch where the fish weighs more than the girl who caught it. >> and also ahead, the superstar set to take over this summer. the american gymnast leading team usa at the olympics. while you're learn more about this fee nom. >> and a group of kayakers got a surprise when a group of hump back whales went on a feeding frenzy in front of them. >> terrifying at the same time. you can check out our pictures of our own feeding frenzies on instagram. abcwnn.
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a rare and wild sighting in northern california. in san francisco bay, hump back whales feeding at the surface. they usually feed further north. experts say they were probably feasting in an abundance of herring. >> disturbing news about small suvs. the insurance industry says not a single one has good headlights. more than two third of the vehicles were rated as poor with the headlights. auto makers aren't paying enough attention to this basic equipment.
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it recommends you use the high beams whenever possible. now to medical news for only the second time a so-called super bug has been found in a patient in the united states. doctors found the antibiotic resistant bacteria in a patient who underwent surgery in a new york hospital. >> a trauma surgeon at parkland hospital in dallas is sharing some strong and personal words about the recent police shootings. >> dr. brian williams says he understands the anger and frustration and distrust of law enforcement, but he says the police are not the problem. >> but routinely treat multiple gunshot victims, but more black men dying at the hands of police officers affected me. i think the reasons a obvious.
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i fit that demographic of individuals. but i abhor what has been done to these officers. and i grieve with their families. i understand the anger and the frustration and distrust of law enforcement, but they are not the problem. the problem is the lack of open discussions about the impact of race relations in this country. and i think about it every day, that i was unable to save those cops when they came here that night. it weighs on my mind constantly. this killing, it has to stop. a year or two ago i bought one of the dallas pd
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cream when i was out getting ice cream. i want my daughter to see my interacting with police that way so she doesn't grow up with the same burden that i carry when it comes to interacting with law enforcement. and i want the police to see me, a black man, and understand that i support you. i will defend you. and i will care for you. that doesn't mean that i do not fear you. >> the emotional words of that doctor. coming up in our next half hour, the runway scare. why the pilot was forced to abort takeoff and what happened after he jammed on the brakes. >> first j she's not a household name yet, but simone biles is headed to rio to represent the u usa. hear why she's on track to do things no gymnast has ever done. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ i missed the neck thing. let me try it. sorry. ready to take a tumble for all of us representing team usa. not me. 19-year-old gymnastic prodigy who qualified to go to rio for the summer games. >> you okay? >> is it supposed to hurt like right here? >> i don't think so. >> si momone biles has accomplid quite a bit. now she's taken one
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toward something she's yet to achieve, a olympics metal. >> reporter: simone biles is doing things no other gymnast has ever done. she hasn't lost a competition in three years. she even has her own move, the biles. amy boreman is simone's coach. >> she flips back on the second flip she has a half turn and lands forward. >> reporter: in 2012 she was too young to compete in the london games but since then she's been on fire. the 19-year-old gymnast is a three-time world all around champion. the first woman to win the title three times in a row. she's earned 14 melds in the world championship, ten of which are gold. we sat down with her before the u.s. olympics team trials. do you know how many hours a week you work? >> 3 years
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on saturday we practice 9-1. >> reporter: that smile and those medals caught the attention of corporate sponsors. household names like tide pods. >> it's small but mighty. i paired up with them because it reflects on my gymnastics. i'm small but powerful. >> she knows small can be powerful. >> reporter: before the commercials and the fame, there was sacrifice. the countless hours in the gym forced her to miss out on moments. >> since i was home schooled those years so i could do what i do, i thought i was missing out of public school and going to the football games or prom or home comings, but then once i think back i'm like well, yeah, i missed a prom, but i've been to three world championships. they can't ever say that. it's a win/win. >> slit and wrap. good. she's a mor
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when you have people like mary lieu reten and bella crowly saying she's probably the greatest gymnast they've done in their lives. that's a really big deal. >> reporter: that also creates big expectations. simone is the favorite to win gold in five of the six olympic events. >> i guess what's on the line for her is it would solidify her as the best ever. >> reporter: she needs three medals in rio to become the most decorated gymnast of all time. how would you feel hearing the star spangled banner? >> all your work put in into that one moment, and especially with the team you all get to share that memory together, and it's something you can remember forever. >> phillip stuck the landing. yes. that was tough. >> we give it a ten. >> bravo. >> i do love how her coach desc
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she has balance, but imagine having balance when your feet aren't on the ground. >> that's a beautiful statement. >> go simone.
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k-y touch. time now for the mix, and maryland has a new record for the largest fish ever caught. >> oh. who was the guy? >> except it was caught by a nine-year-old girl. meet emma. she caught a fish that weighed in at 94.6 pounds. here's the thing. emma weighs 65 pounds. the fish measured 55.6 ichbs long, emma only 52 inches tall. that is a state record, by the way. previous record, 2014, 79 pounds. the father said the line went tight and they realized it was a large fish. he continued to move the boat with the fish until she was able to reel it in. they said dad had to jump
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>> the fish is like this what caught me? i give up. >> she had a fighting belt. but still. >> her t shirt says play like a girl. good for her. this woman, this couple from pakistan. they got married several months ago. they planned this honeymoon in one of the most romantic places in greece. the problem was he couldn't get a visa to go to greece. they had their plans. >> they cancelled the trip? >> no. she decided, sorry, not sorry. i'm going to keep going. so she went in essence by herself. her inlaws joined her. she took plenty pictures of her in iconic places. that's where they would have taken their pool side photo. and this is where they would have been together hugging looking
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mediterranean in the bay. >> i want to see the outtakes. the other photos are like yeah, party. the inlaws took the photos, or her future husband. >> perhaps. here's another photo that didn't go quite as planned. these were girls trying to take a slow motion selfie in a car. everyone knows you're not supposed to drive and take selfies. they weren't anticipating this hazard as they were parked. you're watching a wasp in slow motion. the girl in the back clearly knows. the girl in the front seat just figured it out. this is what it sounds like to scream in slow motion. that is going viral. >> all of new york city got all excited about something called manhattan hedge, a play off stone hedge. new york city is a grid system. twice a year this happens. the sun perfectly aligns with the city streets.
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middle of
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this morning on "world news now," hope and healing in the city of dallas. president obama set to arrive in the wake of the deadly attack on police. this as we hear from the gunman's father condemning his son's actions. >> tornadoes touching down and causing major damage. this as wildfires continue to burn in the west. two firefighters killed as crews try to cob stain a barrage of blazes across the region. >> christmas in july. >> amazon's prime day deals go live. but other retailers are looking to cash in as well. we'll tell you what deals to look out for. >> and the new list of the 1% when it comes to celebrities. can you guess who made it to


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